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Dashboard (Doctors Dashboard,Patient Dashboard):

1 Doctor Dashboard:

Doctor Dashboard: A collated dashboard for the Elite Doctors of Vydehi enabling access to one and all in a seamless fashion. The integrated dashboard aids medical professionals in delivering holistic, integrated, and customized targeted treatments to each patient.

2 Patient Dashboard:

All the patient-related information ranging from daily reports and patient history to the current course of treatment is present in one place with easy access to medical staff for viewing the ongoing treatment and medication information with the ability to edit or make changes resting with the Doctors only.

3 Billing Management:

Billing is hefty work and extremely frustrating for the patient. Making billing a one-window solution on an integrated platform will ease the frustration of the patient. On the other hand, a web-based integrated system for billing provides ease of tracking and following the charges with the added advantage of the least to zero human errors in the accounting process.

4 Nursing Management

Nursing Management is critical aspect of patient care. Dalvkot’s hospital management system takes complete care of all the elements of nursing management like staffing, roster, overtime, training, and nurse education.

5 Lab Management

Our integrated platform offers complete solution support to different diagnostic labs. The platform is designed to streamline workflows right from test request by the doctors to posting out the reports back to the doctors and the patients. The consolidated system generates patient profile based on the ongoing treatments combined with the test results altogether.

6 Operation Theatre

Operating theatre management is crucial for providing best patient care. Keeping in mind the high risk, and resource intensive nature of the highly burdened operating theatre, VYKO improves patient care by rapid information sharing, improved resource utilization through organised scheduling and status of OTs, and increased staff productivity by automated search and compilation of reports and delivering relevant statistics.

7 Radiology

Effective performance improvement for radiology imaging department by bringing all operations such as ordering, tracking of investigation, digital image integration, etc., under one roof. The platform serves by maintaining of all the relevant imaging results obtained from the diagnostic tests and reporting them back to concerned departments.

8 Blood Bank

Collection and managing of stored blood with donor profiling and screening of the dontated blood are the primary purposes of a blood bank. With the increasing complexities in operations from blood collection to blood unit dispatch, our management system provides an easy way to monitor the activities at each stage and thus keep records for effective and efficient management.

9 Material Management

Our integrated management system provides a complete solution to all the routine operations of supply chain. It tracks every item to the level of individual units and monitors the complete life cycle of the material from initial receiving to disposal.

10 Bio-Medical

With increasing patient care there is humnogous rise in bio-medical waste. Our bio-Medical waste management platform helps in the efficient management of biomedical waste generated in healthcare facilities. It ensures safe disposal, reduces environmental impact, and maintains compliance with regulations.

11 CSSD Management

The CSSD management system software increases efficiency by streamlining sterilization processes, inventory management, and equipment maintenance. It ensures compliance with regulatory standards and enhances patient safety.

12 Linen Management

Our platform is designed to track the linen inventory, managing laundry processes, and reduction of cost in management of linen replacement. Operations are streamlined with efficiency and effectiveness.

13 Dietary Management

The platform integrates the dietary management system software with the purpose of helping healthcare facilities manage their patients’ dietary needs efficiently. The patient outcomes are imporved significantly.

14 Consignment Management

Helping hospitals manage their consignment inventory with efficiency by streamlining the consignment process, reducing errors and providing real-time insights into inventory levels and sales performance.

15 Pharmacy Management

Easing out pharmacy operations by enhancing inventory management, prescription tracking, and billing requirements. It streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and enhances patient safety, making it an essential tool for modern pharmacies.

16 Security

Our hospital management system integrates security management and ensures the safety of patients, staff, and visitors by proiding access control, surveillance, and emergency response capabilities. It enhances security protocols, mitigates risks, and improves overall hospital operations.

17 HR Payroll

The innovative hospital management system enhances HR payroll management by automating employee compensation, benefits, and tax deductions. It streamlines HR processes, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures timely and accurate payroll processing, improving employee satisfaction and retention.

18 Accounts

The accounts management system on our hospital management software streamlines financial transactions, including billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. It enhances financial reporting, improves revenue management, and ensures compliance with accounting standards.

19 Maintenance Department

The hospital management software tracks and schedules maintenance tasks, repairs, and equipment replacements. It reduces downtime, extends equipment life, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, thus, improving the maintenance department management.

20 Ticketing system

The ticketing system management system on Dalvkot’s hospital management software enables staff to track and manage patient requests and inquiries, facilitating efficient and effective communication and resolution of issues.

21 Govt Schemes

All the available Government schemes are integrated into the VYKO hospital management software to provide healthcare facilities with access to funding, resources, and incentives to improve patient care and outcomes while meeting regulatory requirements.

22 HL7

Our hospital management software incorporates HL7 for advancing communication protocol that allows different healthcare systems to exchange patient data, facilitating interoperability and efficient sharing of information between providers.

23 Snowmed

SNOMED is integrated into our hospital management software which is standardized system that allowing for the accurate and comprehensive recording of clinical data, enabling improved patient care and clinical decision-making.

24 Tally Integration

Our hospital management software provides tally integration streamlining financial operations by automating accounting tasks such as invoicing, payroll, and inventory management, enabling efficient tracking and management of financial data.

25 Payment

Payment integration is one of the best feature of our hospital management software for easing the financial transactions by enabling patients to make online payments, facilitating accurate and efficient processing of payments and reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

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